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Professor John Humphreys BSc, MSc, M.Ed, PhD, FIBiol

John Humphreys' experience includes 10 years as Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC) at the University of Greenwich in London, UK: One of a small top management team responsible for the general management of a University of 24,000 students and £120 million per annum turnover. He was initially appointed PVC Academic, a job he did for 6 years before moving to PVC Research. His management experience therefore is wide ranging, from academic planning, quality assurance, learning and teaching, student recruitment,and marketing to all aspects of research and enterprise including research development and assessment,   knowledge transfer, incubation, spin-outs intellectual property licensing etc.

Line Management responsibilities as PVC ranged across both academic and administrative senior managers including Deans/ Heads of: Science, Pharmacy, Engineering, Humanities, Education, Health & Social Care etc. Also University Registrar, Director of Research, Head of Marketing and Head of Planning. He led for his University on the development of a new School of Pharmacy jointly with the University of Kent. He was also Board Director & Chief Executive of Greenwich University Enterprises Ltd (the University's commercial subsidiary) and a board director of various other commercial companies whose activity ranged from drug development to environmental services.

John's earlier career included 10 years as a Head of School/Dean of Faculty during which time he was involved in the management of two acquisitions, one requiring his secondment to a Health Authority as Vice Principal of a School of Health Care Education.

Originally trained in Oceanography at Southampton University he has remained active in the discipline specialising in the ecology of estuarine and coastal benthos. He is a chartered biologist and Fellow of the Institute of Biology in the UK.

His international experience includes work for individual institutions, international aid agencies and Governments. He co-founded the NGO Tabeisa which, supported mainly with British Government and European Union funding, has since 1994, been working on economic development and poverty reduction projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Having retired from University management in December 2007 John Humphreys is emeritus professor at Greenwich and offers consultancy services trading as JHConsulting. He is also a director of companies in South Africa and the UK. He has over seventy publications a recent selection of which are given below.


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